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by Rabbi Manis Friedman

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Side A (28:41)
Side B (28:07)
A Great G-d in a Small Book
Listen (27:54)Chapter 1: The Human Soul and Its Schtick
Listen (29:27)Chapter 2: A Piece of Divinity
Listen (28:06)Chapter 3: Of Mind and Heart
Listen (27:41)Chapter 4: The Three Garments
Listen (26:59)Chapter 5: One + One = One
Listen (27:59)Chapter 6: The Holy and the Un-Holy
Listen (27:13)Chapter 7: With Heavenly Purpose
Listen (27:14)Chapter 8: A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Corrupt
Listen (26:48)Chapter 9: The Tale of One City
Listen (28:04)Chapter 10: The Imperfect Saint
Listen (27:39)Chapter 11: The Perfect Sinner
Listen (28:27)Chapter 12: Neither Saint Nor Sinner
Listen (27:11)Chapter 13: Help From Above
Listen (27:17)Chapter 14: Conversations With Yourself
Listen (27:18)Chapter 15: To Serve or Not to Serve
Listen (27:29)Chapter 16: Wisdom of The Heart
Listen (26:41)Chapter 17: In Your Mouth & Heart, To Do
Listen (27:05)Chapter 18: Inherited Love
Listen (27:51)Chapter 19: The Flame of the Candle
Listen (27:06)Chapter 20: G-d Is One
Listen (26:35)Chapter 21: Other Gods
Listen (27:52)Chapter 22: Face to Face or Over the Shoulder
Listen (26:45)Chapter 23: Of Togetherness and Oneness
Listen (26:22)Chapter 24: 'I am Something' or 'I Am Everything'
Listen (27:00)Chapter 25: Sin and Insanity
Listen (27:55)Chapter 26: Serve G-d with Joy
Listen (26:41)Chapter 27: Spiritual Blues
Listen (26:53)Chapter 28: Seesaw of the Soul
Listen (26:37)Chapter 29: When a Broken Heart is Good for You
Listen (26:48)Chapter 30: It's the Effort That Counts
Listen (28:21)Chapter 31: Painful but Alive
Listen (27:29)Chapter 32: The Art of Love
Listen (26:35)Chapter 33: Two Kinds of Joys
Listen (26:48)Chapter 34: The Making of a Dwelling
Listen (26:36)Chapter 35: The Power of the Deed
Listen (26:41)Chapter 36: The Lowest World
Listen (27:05)Chapter 37: Now Is the Time
Listen (27:06)Chapter 38: The Best Intentions
Listen (27:33)Chapter 39: The Uninspired Mitzvah
Listen (26:47)Chapter 40: The Bird's Eye View
Listen (27:01)Chapter 41: To Serve & To Love
Listen (27:00)Chapter 42: The Moses In Me
Listen (27:24)Chapter 43: Great Love, Eternal Love
Listen (27:21)Chapter 44: Greater Love, Greatest Love
Listen (27:39)Chapter 45: Compassionate Love
Listen (26:50)Chapter 46: Reciprocal Love
Listen (25:13)Chapter 47: Coming Out of Egypt
Listen (28:23)Chapter 48: Tzimtzum
Listen (27:35)Chapter 49: Mutual Devotion
Listen (27:35)Chapter 50: To & Fro
Listen (27:29)Chapter 51: The Divine Presence
Listen (27:33)Chapter 52: The Return To Action
Listen (27:44)Chapter 53: The Conclusion
Listen (27:36)Chapter 53: The Conclusion

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